Workshop : The Tomb part 1


I’m back with some fresh ideas after a longer break. It’s high time for a new plaster-based construction. Some time ago, using HIRSTa mold no. 056 and schematics I have built the following tomb:

  • the_tomb_old_01
  • the_tomb_old_02

Unfortunately, it has been totally destroyed and all that’s left are ruins of a former splendor. I decided to rebuild it and also add a thing or two. The plan is to put it on a rock shelf and add an additional arched section. Yesterday, I spent the whole evening on salvaging as many plaster bricks as possible from the old model. I't was time consuming and hard work and cost me 6 broken scalpel blades and a cut finger :), but it was worth it. It will save me a lot of time when I need to cast new bricks. Today I finished the construction of the floor using old bricks and some newly cast elements.

  • the_tomb_prev_01
  • the_tomb_prev_02

Parallel to the work with the floor I have started working on the rock shelf base. I’ve used a 50mm thick styrodur which will allow me to integrate a staircase path into it. After the first stage of modeling it all looks like this:

  • the_tomb_prev_03
  • the_tomb_prev_04

As you can see this is only the beginning of the whole process of building the structure. I will try to keep you up-to-date as the work progresses.



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